Participation at the Stuttgart Social Marketplace

On 22 June 2016 the 8th Social Marketplace took place in the Stuttgart City Hall. The idea behind this event is in generating trade-offs for mutual profit: Companies have professional know-how and material resources, which often charitable organizations are lacking. On the contrary, charitable organizations can help with voluntary workforce and can provide immaterial values. The marketplace represents a forum to arrange cooperations.


On an afternoon representatives of charitable organizations and companies met in the Stuttgart City Hall. Our non-profit association was represented by Annett, Daniel and Paul. They not only met interesting people but also started three cooperations for our associations: We will get a laptop from Deutsche Bank that we can take to Ghana in September – we will give a presentation about Ghana as return. Furthermore we received a used printer from the company “ZEG Zentraleinkauf Holz + Kunststoff eG”. A further cooperation was initiated with the internet fundraising platform „Helfen kostet nix“. This platform provides organizations the opportunity to participate in advertising revenues from online shopping platforms.