School Tsikudokope

With our first project we would like to support the village of Tsikudokope to build a primary school.
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Tsikudokope is situated in North Tongu, one of the least developed districts of the Volta region.

Farming is the major occupation of the approx. 800 inhabitants of the village. They are solely dependent on rain and sometimes suffer poor harvest when rain fails them. Due to low income, some families cannot adequatly feed their children.

In Tsikudokope, there are many children who do not attend a school regularly or even not at all. Many parents cannot afford to pay their wards’ school fees nor the school uniforms. For those who can, it is still very difficult, as the distance to the next school is approx. 6 kilometers away. Qualified teachers prefer regions that offer more pleasant settings.

One of the eldest in the village initiated to establish a school. So that the children could regularly attend school so as to obtain basic form of education. So far one person from the nearby village has started voluntarily to teach the children to learn the basics in reading and writing. Around 40 children are taught whilest sitting under a thatched roof built by the community. However the aim is to build a solid school, which will later be supported by the Ghana Education Service (GES) by sending and paying qualified teachers. The building cost will be around 12.000 Euro which includes material and work cost. Bricks will be crafted by Tsikudokope inhabitants.

The council of Tsikudokope has already provided a piece of land for the school. They also provide sand for the building and labour. We would like to support Tsikudokope to build a one-classroom-school with a side room for materials, which has the potential to be extended at a later date.

Kinder aus der Region um Tsikudokope
Children from the region Tsikudokope

For this first project we are looking for people who support us financially and with their expertise. With your donation you can help us to make the building of a school in Tsikudokope happen.

Tsikudokope can not yet be found on the internet maps. It is situated on the small white road leading from Juapong to Adidome:

The latest news about the school project can be found on the CDV Ghana Facebook Page.

Gemeinnütziger Verein zur Förderung von Projekten in der Region Volta in Ghana