Sponsorship programme

Since the beginning of 2017, we have been supporting orphan children at different schools in the Volta region through sponsorship programs. We offer three different sponsorship models, in which monthly donations are measured in accordance with the actual average expenses of school children in the Volta region.

For this purpose, Paul and Daniel, the chairmen of the board of CDV e.V. met with two school proprietors during their last trip to Ghana, and came up with the following cost structure:

Cost per Month
School Fees 4,90 EUR
School Uniform 2,40 EUR
School Books 6,50 EUR
School Materials (Pens, pencils, etc.) 1,50 EUR
Extra Classes 4,50 EUR
Parents-Teachers Association 0,20 EUR
Snack during school (lunch time) 15,00 EUR

The resulting models for sponsorship programs are:

  1. Basic sponsorship for one child, 20 EUR per month (excluding costs for lunch snack)
  2. Full sponsorship for one child, 35 EUR per month (including costs for lunch snack)
  3. Free sponsorship, 5 EUR or more: no child is assigned, but the respective donation covers additional expenses of orphans already in the programme, such as doctor’s bills.

The whole donation are spent on orphans. All administrative costs arising from sponsorship program are covered by other donations. Furthermore, at least once a year, godparents receive progress report on their godchildren by advisor of the program on-site.

Currently, CDV e.V. is supporting seven orphans. The sponsorship program is administered by CDV Ghana. After the first months, CDV e.V. (Germany) together with CDV Ghana will scrutinize the application of funds to ensure that 100% of the amount donated reach the children.

Please contact us if you are interested in our sponsorship program. We will be very happy to support other orphans in the Volta region with your help. These supports for the costs for education and food will enable our orphans to have chance for a self-determined future.

Here you find the most important information in printable format.

Gemeinnütziger Verein zur Förderung von Projekten in der Region Volta in Ghana