A Team from Mahle donates

Mahle employees celebrated this year’s summer festival in the beer garden Feuerbacher Tal. On this occasion, they organized a raffle.


The proceeds generated from the raffle as well as individual donations from the employees amounted to a sum of 752 euros. This amount was donated to support our school project Tsikudokope. Many thanks to all sponsors and donors.

Trip of our association presidents to Ghana

The two joint heads of our association travelled together to Ghana during September. They visited the construction site of our school project and met the children of our sponsorshop programme. Furthermore, they checked how our funding has been used by our partner organisation in Ghana by verifying prices for construction material on the market and checking bills. Even though these work related activities took quite some time they were also enjoying the country itself and the hospitality of their Ghanaian hosts. Here are some photos for a first impression:

Non-Profit Association for the Funding of Projects in the Volta Region in Ghana